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Midgetin human anatomy, a person of very small stature whose bodily proportions, intelligence, and sexual development are within the normal range. Diminutive stature occurs sporadically in families the rest of whose members are of ordinary size. The children of midgets are usually of ordinary height and proportions.

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The specialized cone pathways of the central fovea of human and monkey retinas have the least convergence and the greatest resolution capabilities of the visual system. Figure 1. The illustration is taken from Polyak,

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Betty M. Adelson Independent Scholar E-mail: bettyadelson hotmail. Can a class of individuals that was once considered among the most prominent of freaks be "defreaked"?

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Dwarf vs Midget. Dwarf and midget are sometimes used synonymously. That is because these two terms refer to people that are vertically challenged.

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Phillies reliever Ryan Madson will have a bobblehead in his honor. The nickname has inspired the latest R-Phils' giveaway, a "Mad Dog" statue featuring Madson in a Reading uniform with his arm draped around a rather docile-looking canine. The first 2, fans in attendance receive the item, which is quite fittingly tied in with a "Bark in the Park" celebration.

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Marylou Naccarato was an agent for the Internal Revenue Service for decades before she became a clinical sexologist. She was a speaker at their conference earlier this month in San Diego where she broke through conservative boundaries to talk the ins and outs of sex, intimacy, and lovemaking with the various limitations that may come with life as a person of short stature. Born and raised in Los Angeles to a Sicilian Catholic father and a Moroccan Jewish mother, Naccarato found herself in the sex counseling and education field by accident.

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The osteochondrodysplasias, or skeletal dysplasias are a genetically heterogeneous group of over distinct disorders, and many of them can present in the prenatal period as demonstrated by ultrasound. Differentiating these disorders in the prenatal period can be challenging because they are rare and many of the ultrasound findings are not necessarily pathognomic for a specific disorder. However, differentiating known lethal disorders from nonlethal disorders, providing differential diagnoses before delivery, determining postdelivery management plans and ultimately determining accurate recurrences risks to the at-risk couples improves patient care.

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This article will give a necessarily brief review of thinking in the field and highlight some of the more interesting ramifications especially as they relate to Widergard. The family tree of the Hominini of Fairyland is given in Figure 1. Ogres Trolls and Giants The early divergence of this branch from the rest of hominini line is now not disputed.

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David Tormsen. Dwarfs have often been reduced to figures of fun and mockery or the recipients of condescension and pity, neither of which is fair or deserved. Throughout human history, there have been some interesting and fascinating dwarfs who are worth learning about.


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