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He was filling a water balloon. From wikipedia: Except for the books, two month calendars — and —Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes,[6] and one T-shirt for a traveling art exhibit on comics, virtually all Calvin and Hobbes merchandise, including T-shirts as well as the ubiquitous stickers for automobile rear windows which depict Calvin urinating on a company's or sports team's name or logo, is unauthorized. As Watterson pointed out during the notes of one of the collection books, the original image was of Calvin filling up a water balloon from a faucet.

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Throughout its year history, America has had many channels of discourse, its citizens expressing themselves by means ranging from pamphlets to protests, newspaper editorials to televised debates. In recent years, however, a significant new avenue of expression has emerged: "Peeing Calvin" decals. Today, at the dawn of a new millennium, the terse but expressive decals are a vital part of our national dialogue, used by millions of Americans to exchange viewpoints and ideas about the important issues of the day.

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Most decals can be made in any color you want. Have the little guy or girl, dog, etc. You get to pick what you want the decal to say.

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Just to prove nothing is going to change on this website now that I have a book, I Photoshopped Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes peeing on a bunch of stuff. What are you going to do next? How can you know if other people like something unless you try it yourself, right?

If you're lucky, you've never seen it. The decal that shows Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes going to the bathroom has been stuck on the back of thousands of pick-up truck windows. It's a tasteless sticker, with many variations, that tries to tarnish Calvin's legacy and the reputation of anybody who slaps it on their window.

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You have probably seen it in the shape of a sticker or printed on a t-shirt, but maybe you don't know its history. Did Watterson draw it? Where did the meme start?

Deer Buck Off. Deer Head 1. Deer Head 2.

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The decal that shows Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes going to the bathroom has been stuck on the back of thousands of pick-up truck windows. Watterson never gave the decals his OK. So the bootlegs emerged.

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