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We see it all over gor, slaves running around in expensive jewels and fabrics, often even when doing chores that in the real world would have destroyed these garments. Perhaps many do not realize the differences or the realities of it vs. So we felt it might be a nice thing to spell it out here for you in an entertaining way.

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Pack Urt A large variety that lives in large packs; also known as the "Giant Urt. Also, combination locks are not unknown, but they are infrequently found. The most common combination lock consists of a set of lettered rings which conceal a bolt.

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These are to be used as a guideline only. Check with each room individually as to their rules and regulations. Talk to an Owner or Keeper upon entering a new room to ask about their rules.

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Yes … a slave is a slave is a slave is a slave. However, there are specific classifications of slaves found on Gor, including specialty slaves. Too, slaves may be assigned to a specific occupation or task.

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Many places require her to wear black which does not say,,but she can say what she wore before. If new to Gor she should say so. It gives a girl a reason to keep trying to improve so she can feel proud of her new silk color.

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The attire of slaves, especially of slave girls, is one most would consider quite scandalous, revealing most of the girl's flesh, leaving little to one's imagination. However, not all slaves are clothed, for even as much as a scrap of ribbon tied about a slave's thigh is at the discretion of the slave's owner. It is the general rule of Gor, that a master will dress his kajira as he so pleases.

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As a new slave you will be expected to learn and complete the following lessons as well the assignments posted for white silks before being able to test. You will be expected to show up in the City for no less then one hour per day and have the scrolls posted in your kennel that you were indeed present. You will be expected to get with the Master of the Pens for training sessions.

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There is much confusion in the online environment over the color of slave silk and what the color of this silk means. I have researched the online and have concluded there are 12 different variations of color. I have also noted that in SL Gor there is a preference for certain styles and colors. I wore the belled collar, and belled ankle ring, of the tavern, and a bit of black silk.

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In John Norman 's Gor novels, a kajira is a female slave or slave-girl. The phrase " la kajira " is said to mean "I am a slave-girl. The word is usually seen in the feminine form "kajira" pl.

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Depending on how hard you work will determine what color silks you wear. As a starting slave you wear white silks and work your way up in colors. White Silk Slaves. You are a beginning slave here at The Empire of Abaddon Abyss.


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