Oil based lubricant with polyurethane condom

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Skip to content. Avanti is the make of a condom that is made from polyurethane rather than latex. I prefer this type of condom over latex as they can be thinner and they transmit heat better than latex.

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As such, many people feel that polyisoprene condoms provide a sensation profile that is far more similar to their latex counterparts. There's a good reason for that—polyisoprene is the synthetic form of latex. In other words, it's latex made in a laboratory rather than natural rubber latex, which is made in a tree.

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Don't miss out! Create your free JWatch. Colorless and odorless, polyurethane is stronger than latex and resists oil-based lubricants.

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Previous research on the use of personal lubricants for sexual intercourse is limited and has primarily focused on condom compatibility and breakage, with only recent limited assessment of lubricant safety and possible epidemiologic implications. This article discusses the global evidence of lubricant compatibility with latex condoms and biological safety of lubricants, as well as documentation of lubricant use and current guidelines for HIV prevention programming in Africa. Data on lubricant compatibility with condoms are less available than commonly realized, and many lubricant products may not have been thoroughly tested for safety due to flexible regulatory environments. Recent laboratory and study findings from microbicides research also suggest that some water-based lubricants may have safety issues.

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Great question! Plus, many condoms have some lube on the outside already. However, other people find they need lube to make sex feel good.

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A lot of people find the idea of using oils like olive oil or coconut oil as sexual lubricants appealing — they are thick, long-lasting, and natural; there are even some commercial blends out there sold for use on the body. Unfortunately for the oil lovers out there, the answer is no. Latex condoms smell bad to me.

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When it comes to condoms, yes, latex ones are still the most popular and usually the easiest to readily come by. But what happens if it gives you a rash or allergic reaction? Thankfully, condoms have been around for, like, 5evermade out of everything from lambskin to hollowed-out horns talk about getting horny, eh??

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Lubricants tend to be gel like substances that are used to enhance sensations during sex. Using lubricant is a simple way to reduce friction and discomfort which improves feelings of pleasure for both partners. If one of the two partners is a woman then she will produce a natural lubricant when aroused, however the amount of natural lubricant produced will vary depending on the person, and their body.

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Not only is it painful to have small tears, it is also easier to get or pass an STI if the skin is broken. Lubricants reduce friction during sex and this helps to prevent condoms from breaking. Some people find that a small drop of lube inside the tip of the condom can also increase pleasure.

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Lube is always a great idea during sex. Lube, which is short for lubricant, enhances pleasure and prevents pain and chafing during sex. The good news is that olive oil is likely safe to use during sex.


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