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Warning: This story contains an image some may find offensive. Reader discretion is advised. Washington CNN This time, it was an accident.

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Just because is only a couple of days away doesn't mean the outrage train has lost any steam. Offended parents took to Facebook over the weekend after a mold in the Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Play-Doh set they bought their children for Christmas turned out to bear a striking resemblance to a penis. Play-Doh has been quick to remove pictures of the mold posted to its Facebook page, but a few savvy Internet users have screencapped some of the comments for posterity.

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The ctv news app: Canada's most trusted news. An F jet sits on the tarmac at its new operational base on Sept. The U.

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Sexting is a scary business. The idea of sending out an intimate photo of your genitals to someone you quite fancy is terrifying. Behold the "Dick Code," a way to share a unique and anatomically accurate image of your penis without actually taking a photo of it. So, he developed a website that would be able to accurately convey the unique intricacies of penises "beyond size.

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A phallus is a penis especially when erect[1] an object that resembles a penis, or a mimetic image of an erect penis. Any object that symbolically—or, more precisely, iconically—resembles a penis may also be referred to as a phallus; however, such objects are more often referred to as being phallic as in " phallic symbol ". Such symbols often represent fertility and cultural implications that are associated with the male sexual organ, as well as the male orgasm.

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Sure, growing herbs is fun and all, but have you ever wanted to spice things up a bit? If your answer is yes, then it's time to consider planting some Willy Chillies to satisfy all your gardening fantasies. Firebox, an unusual gift site as it calls itselfsells just that!

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Penises are like snowflakes: None are exactly the same, but they sure are pretty. Jk jk LOL on that last part. But how many types of penises are there, really?

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By Jessica Rach For Mailonline. This week online sex toy retailer Lovehoney reported a staggering 64 per cent year-on-year increase in the sales of penis extenders - a phallic-shaped sleeve that fits over a man's penis to add width and length. New research suggests that when it comes to vital inches, girth is actually more important than length for many women.

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The state has introduced a new law that means sending someone a nude lewd to which they didn't consent, whether on a dating app, messenger, or even AirDrop, is now illegal. Read more: Men who send unsolicited pictures of their penises are likely to be narcissists, according to science. The law has come into play following a campaign by female-focused dating app Bumblewhose headquarters are in Austin, Texas, in collaboration with state Rep.

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In most churches, the organ is placed inside of the church to play music during a sermon. But in the town of Dixon, Illinois, the entire church is shaped like an organ—and a phallic one at that. When viewed from above, the Dixon Christian Science Church appears to resemble a giant penis. Once discovered, this architectural accident became a source of embarrassment for the church, especially after some Facebook users took to calling it a severed piece of the body of Christ.


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