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Since that film, she has emerged in Hollywood as the ultimate neo-noir femme fatale -- think Lauren Bacall meets Darth Vadar. Now, with the erotic thriller "Jade," set in San Francisco, due out Friday, it would seem she can't turn off her smoldering sex appeal. In person, however, she's far from a sex symbol in schoolgirl-inspired Gap clothing.

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To put it broadly, film noir was more a cultural moment than a viable, long-lasting genre, arising naturally—and without such a label—from the darkness and cynicism that gripped the country after World War II. With his breakthrough Red Rock Westdirector John Dahl showed a great facility for noir atmosphere and plotting; had he shot it in black and white, and curbed some of the R-rated sex and violence, it could have been mistaken for the real vintage. She has to depart from the classic model, but how she departs from it and how she gets around in Hicksville, U.

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This ain't no morality play. Linda Fiorentino plays Bridget Gregory as a trajectory of sexual energy and raw power intent on her own agenda. After pulling off a drug deal that gives them enough cash to purchase a penthouse apartment, Clay thinks they're set.

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JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address. This week's subject is the film The Last Seduction. Was it a victory for feminism to see a female cinema protagonist that was as ruthless as any male to grace the screen?

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Alice Lowe's directorial debut stars an evil foetus and is a celebration of British black comedy. Spielberg may have pioneered the blockbuster film in the mid-Seventies, but its the simplicity of Duel that I believe has attributed to the films ongoing critical acclaim and its status as a forgotten gem in the Spielberg oeuvre. The final release from the iconic Japanese animation house is now showing in UK cinemas in an English dub.

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In "The Last Seduction," Dahl gives us Linda Fiorentino as the baddest of the bad women, the most full-blown yet utterly believable femme fatale to come along in years. There is nothing kittenish about Fiorentino -- her charm is pure brazenness. As Bridget, the nasty lady from the big city, she plays the kind of woman who will spend the night with a guy and go into the kitchen the next morning and put out her cigarette in his grandma's apple pie.

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Linda Fiorentino pulls out all the stops and delivers a tour-de-force performance in John Dahl's gripping neo-noir, The Last Seductiona film full of blue moods, dark humour, and hairpin turns. A sleeper hit ofThe Last Seduction catapulted a hard-working but little-known Linda Fiorentino into stardom. A sultry and gripping neo-noir full of blue moods, dark humour and hairpin turns, director John Dahl who had helmed another neo-noir of a lesser success the year before, Red Rock West reinvented the film noir as a viable and worthy genre for the '90s.

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Looking to escape her unhappy marriage, villainous femme fatale Bridget Gregory Linda Fiorentino convinces her husband, Clay Bill Pullmanto sell cocaine, then steals the profits and runs out on him. She stops in a small town en route to Chicago, where she ensnares her next conquest, insurance man Mike Swale Peter Berg. After getting a job at his insurance company, Bridget convinces Mike to run a scam -- but things take a deadly turn when she recruits him to help get rid of her husband.

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Welcome to Sexpositionsa weeklong Vulture celebration of sex scenes in movies and on TV. A good sex scene is about a lot more than just showing some skin. He tells us about the experience.

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Every once in a great while, a film comes along that changes everything. Not a juggernaut event movie that stirs the masses, but a small film you watch with a quiet exhilaration that reminds you why you fell in love with cinema in the first place. I was privileged to interview its writer, Steve Barancik. The Last Seduction follows Bridget Gregory Linda Fiorentinoa sultry femme fatale, who wants swankier digs than the Harlem apartment her telemarketer paycheck can swing.


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