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A man's colon burst after his 'perverted' friends put a compressed air pump into his anus and inflated it, a bizarre medical report has revealed. The year-old was taken to hospital after the horrifying prank left him needing his entire bowel removed because of a 'rectal blowout', an injury caused by air pressure rising so high inside the rectum that it explodes. And his case, although extraordinary, wasn't unique — doctors reported it in a journal article alongside reports of two other men with similar injuries.

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Warning: This PWP fanfic contains hard yaoi scene of initial quasi-rape continuing with consensual sex between twin brothers; religious sacrilege in chapter 2. Some water drops remained on his head and shoulders, glistening. Here, in a small cavern behind the waterfall where the Shinryuuji team usually had their meditation, the heat of summer was cooled down a bit by the water that walled the grotto from the outer world.

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One had pressurised air sprayed into his backside in an alleged accident, while another suffered the agony at the hands of robbers whom he tried to stop. The experts warned air can be as damaging as solid objects and industrial machinery should be treated with care because of its dangers. Life-changing injuries sustained by the men came as a warning of the dangers of misusing industrial machinery.

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The longitudinal impalement is perhaps the first that comes to mind when talking about this torture. It consists of inserting a sharpened stake in the anus, vagina or in the lower abdomen of the victim. Subsequently, the pole would be placed upright and feet would be tied to the stake to prevent the body from further sliding.

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I looked. Anybody who wanted to could see Daphne on the way home from school. She was by the side of the road, green and glossy.

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By Lee Brown. May 27, am Updated May 27, am. Share this: Facebook Twitter Flipboard WhatsApp Email Copy More On: gruesome sports injuries Italian cyclist impaled by piece of track in freak accident Alex Smith finally ditches leg brace after gruesome injury Weightlifter snaps leg trying to squat pounds in gruesome scene Soccer star's leg break so gruesome that ref bursts into tears He really busted his butt in the bullring.

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