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I'm in a dead-end street in Melbourne's inner northstanding at an ivy-draped brick wall and a towering gate. Behind the gate lives Bill Henson, one of Australia's greatest, and most controversial, photographers. I press the buzzer, thinking of what Henson's friend, Barry Humphries, said about this palmshaded compound: a visit, he wrote, is "always a great event".

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Marsh represents victims in child pornography cases and blogs about these issues at childlaw. Amazon would never have sold material like the pornographic photos of Masha; however, as Marsh pointed out to me, the site currently lists a lascivious "true crime" book, for sale by four used-bookstore partners, about Masha's case, written by Peter Sotos, a man who once pleaded guilty to a child pornography charge. Listing a book and selling pictures and videos are clearly separate acts, as is the difference between a simple baby picture and true child pornography.

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Establishes the crime of non-consensual dissemination of sexually explicit images. Establishes the crime of non-consensual dissemination of sexually explicit images as a class A misdemeanor. Open Legislation comments facilitate discussion of New York State legislation.

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Would the whole photograph be taboo? Adverts featuring naked models in sexual poses cause occasional red faces. But a poster of a seven-year-old smoking is banned.

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How many of us have a legacy of photographs of our parents as children? What would you give to have a deep file on the early life of your own parent? Mann pictured her self-possessed and beautiful children bathing in the milky waters of a natural spring near their home in Virginia, wandering through the dusty stillness of woods, poised like sleek serpents about to dive into a creek, or lying, hair spread out, in warm springs, in a vision of liquid calm, except for an undertow of fear and theā€¦.

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I am interesting in developing a body of work that includes nature photography along with nudity, eg a waterfall and a nude woman. Now my question is: is there special paperwork that you need to keep in mind when setting up such a shot, releases, proof of age, etc. Thanks Hugh.

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Among those artists is Bay Area photographer Jock Sturges, whose year-old book, Radiant Identitiescontains nude portraiture of children and adolescents. For Sturges, these changes are part of the continuing saga of legal challenges and controversy surrounding his work. On April 25,FBI agents and San Francisco police officers raided his studio, seizing his cameras, his prints, his computer--everything relating to his occupation as an internationally recognized fine-art photographer.

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You can be in a consensual, legal relationship but still end up a sex offender. That's how child porn laws work. It's legal to have sex, but illegal to take pictures.

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All photos are by Sally Mann. Her photos can be seen at online gallery. Progressives in America are rightly concerned about increasing signs of fascism in this country, such as a so-called war on terrorism that allows massive invasion of privacy and wholesale imprisonment without charge.

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Defendant Rebekah VanBuren raised a facial challenge to Vermont's "revenge porn" disclosure of nonconsensual pornography statute. Defendant described herself as the man's girlfriend. The complainant stated that the night before the pictures were publicly posted, she learned through a friend that defendant had been asking about her. The man denied a relationship with defendant, "[defendant] was obsessed with him.


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