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Stunning, award winning series set in northern India at the time of the war and the Independence riots. This classic drama tells the story of the British and Indian men and women whose lives were to suffer violent, even catastrophic change. This title is currently unavailable.

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Compare Wolf Hall at six episodes and the new Poldark at eight. This was my first viewing of Jewel. I certainly remember all the parents being a-twitter about this when it came out inbut I was 8, so a bit young for issues of colonialism and such and probably busy reading Nancy Drew.

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There are not as many theories about the fall of the British Empire as there once were about the eclipse of its Roman predecessor, but one of the micro theories has always appealed to me more than any of the macro explanations. And it concerns India. For the first century or so of British dominion over the subcontinent, the men of the East India Company more or less took their chances.

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Until now we have nursed our shameful secret in the privacy of our apartment, hunched over the television set, watching English movies that we would probably enjoy if we could unlock the strangled syllables. The thing about quartets is that they have a lot of characters, all carrying the accumulated baggage of previous liaisons and umbrages, and Paul Scott amply filled that quota, providing the usual rapes, false accusations, shootings, deaths in childbirth, racial defamations, and stifled homosexuality. Dozens of picturesque men and women came and went, discussing those entanglements, and the people they were addressing seemed to know what they were talking about.

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The critics never really came round, but a sizeable army is now fanatical in its appreciation of something slightly different in the schedules. The brainchild of a quartet of ex- Coronation Street personnel, Bad Girls is now the slightly tacky jewel in the crown of prime-time ITV drama. It comes in just below the major soaps in the ratings, attracting a regular audience of just under nine million.

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By MilzFebruary 9, in Other Dramas. Charles Dance was a hottie as a young man. And very charismatic 30 years later when I watched him on Game Of Thrones still coming across as the smartest man in the room.

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A decade later, with Cambridge behind me, I was trying to break into the London literary world, and decided I needed an agent. Summoned for an interview at the firm then known as Pearn, Pollinger and Higham, I found myself facing, across a desk, an elegantly suited gentleman who—I suddenly realized at about the same moment as the penny dropped for him—was none other than my Rice Corps bar companion. We both exploded with laughter, and I became his client on the spot.

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However, since The Jewel in the Crown is also described as one of the most critical representations of the presence of Great Britain in India in the s, I will also focus on the ways the serial refers to Great Britain as a privileged vantage point but also as a locus of ambivalent attitudes, particularly so as it is seen by characters living in India but appearing on television screens at a moment when British television was trying to represent the British colonial past through various kinds of programs documentaries, fiction, serials. Several key examples are discussed along those lines: the role of the opening and end credits, the use of excerpts from British newsreels in a work of fiction, the predominance of the British gaze and the way it is visually staged in the shots, some disturbing visual intrusions and conflagrations of unexpected shots. So the predominant location and historical focal point of the serial is definitely India, and more generally Asia, with constant references to the war against Japan. So the favoured viewpoint is clearly that of Great Britain, which dreaded losing one of the main parts of its empire.

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Now it can be told: a huge scandal involving the disappearance of valuable royal goods, coteries of gay courtiers, drunken parties, inquiries that lead nowhere and a cover-up at the very highest level. And all this is on a scale big enough to rock the monarchy and appal the citizenry, with an amazing cast of characters, some of whom end up disgraced, in prison or meeting sudden mysterious ends. The extraordinary details of the theft, and the facts that the jewels have never been recovered and the culprits never found, have given rise to a rich crop of theories about what really happened.

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The novel is set in British India of the s. Much of the novel is written in the form of interviews and reports of conversations and research from the point of view of a narrator. Other portions are in the form of letters from one character to another or entries in their diaries.


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