Amateur radio rf safety calculator

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Since RF energy drops as you distance yourself from an antenna, putting greater distance from a transmitting antenna and reducing the transmitting power coming out of the antenna are both good ways of reducing RF exposure. This is one reason that people concerned about cell phone RF exposure can use headsets and keep their phone away from their body while in a call to reduce their exposure. The first thing you need to be aware of is the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation:.

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If an evaluation of your station shows radiated RF energy exceeds permissible limits, you must take action to prevent human exposure to the excessive RF fields. But how do you practically conduct an RF exposure evaluation of your station? What information do you need and what values must you compute?

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These guidelines determine compliance distances—the separation to keep between an antenna and people in the area around it. The red data points in Figure 1 show examples of Health Canada compliance distances in the amateur bands for a half-wave dipole fed with watts average power. Figure 1.

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FCC has adopted guidelines and procedures for evaluating environmental effects of RF emissions. In addition to guidelines for evaluating fixed transmitters, the FCC adopted limits for evaluating exposure from mobile and portable devices, such as cellular telephones and personal communications devices. To use the RF Exposure Calculator, fill-in the form below with your operating power, antenna gain, and the operating frequency. Enter the Average Power: at the antenna.

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David's spreadsheet takes system parameter inputs and calculates, along with various other values, the minimum required separation distance for both controlled and uncontrolled human access. If your antenna is mounted up higher than the limit distance, then no action is required to keep people away. Otherwise, you must either erect physical barriers or reduce power output to comply with the maximum RF exposure limit.

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A while back, when I was dreaming about where to put my antennas safely, I did a lot of research about radio frequency exposure. They have formulas and tables and forms to fill out. It is all wonderful and fine, if you live in the s.

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Virtual Com ports and the use of a separate TCP client are no longer required! This website offers details and downloads of two ham radio projects I have undertaken. The first project concerns HF Remote — the operation of my HF station remotely from my laptop wherever I have access to the internet.

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Ground Reflection Effects In most cases, the ground reflection factor is needed to provide a truly worst-case estimate of the compliance distance in the main beam of the antenna. Including the ground reflection effects may yield more accurate results especially with very low antennas, non-directional antennas, and calculations below the main lobe of directional antennas. Do you wish to include effects of ground reflections?

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Ham Voyage History and Nostalgia. Cebik, W4RNL. Amateur radio rf safety calculator Ham voyage. In voyage years, however, there has been considerable discussion and arrondissement about the possible hazards of electromagnetic radiation, including both RF amigo and voyage-frequency Hz electromagnetic fields.


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