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Please contact customerservices lexology. Code sec. The court did, however, conclude that Hipsher had a constitutional due process right to have the Board of Retirementrather than the County, determine whether Hipsher committed the felony of which he was convicted on-the-job such that it would be subject to the forfeiture statute.

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By Charles R. Gueli, Esq. Updated Jan 22,

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Baker goes over to a caged window in the bustling beauty parlor and asks the guard if she can check out a pair of scissors. Baker says learning how to be a beautician is mostly fun—much more fun than hanging out in the prison dorm—but she knows there are other more serious reasons to practice her hairdressing skill. Out of the 75 program graduates, only two women have ended up back in the prison system.

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After serving time for a crime I committed at 16, I discovered how hard it is for a felon to get a second chance. By Reginald Dwayne Betts. O ne afternoon in the fall ofI sat in a windowless visiting room at the Manson Youth Institution in Cheshire, Conn. Instead he stared at me as if I were the police.

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By Rachel Mcgrath For Dailymail. He was tazered and handcuffed after an altercation with his baby mama Jen Harley earlier this month. According to the outlet, the Los Angeles County District Attorney has declined to file charges against the Jersey Shore reality star either for domestic violence or for kidnapping.

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Should a man be hounded by police for stealing a loaf of bread? But no society can approve of theft on a grand scale. Right now, most states are erring on the side of becoming a bit more lenient.

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By Sara Coello. The latest news can be found here. A week after Dallas police filed a felony assault charge against a Deep Ellum bartender accused of violently beating a woman, she now faces a felony charge in the case.

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Anti-mask or anti-masking laws are legislative or penal initiatives that seek to stop individuals from concealing their faces, who do so often to not be identified or out of religious practice. There are anti-mask laws in many U. These laws have been challenged on the grounds that they violate the guarantees of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution to free speech and free association. Some courts have weighed freedom of speech against the public safety interest, and upheld such laws.

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By Lauren BaldwinContributing Author. The crime of battery is the intentional touching of another in an angry manner, or the intentional use of force or violence against another. The crime of assault is defined differently from one state to another.

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Actor Jussie Smollett stands accused of faking an elaborate hate crime against himself: a choreographed, self-inflicted beating staged with two Nigerian brothers, pre-canned racial slurs, and an actual noose. So what are some of the criminal charges Smollett could face? After conferring with a number of criminal law attorneys, here are five charges Jussie Smollett could be facing. Before jumping into the law in this case, here are the relevant allegations and a reminder that these are allegations and have not been proven in court :.


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