Painting latex interior

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It's one less thing to worry about when it's time to start painting. Written by: Glidden Published by: Glidden. Com Copyright holder: Glidden on Thursday, April 27,

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Latex paint can be used in a wide variety of jobs, such as updating metal doors. The most commonly used and available type of paint for metal doors is latex. When painting a metal door with latex paint, you can go wild with the color and shininess, but there is a difference between exterior and interior types.

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You have two cans of 'Venetian Blue' satin paint, one labeled for exterior use and one labeled for interior use. Yes, both contain the same pigment and have the same sheen, and yes, of course they're both paint. But after those two similarities they begin to differ. If it's been years since you've taken on a paint job, things have changed in the paint aisle.

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Painting is the nation's number-one home-improvement project. It can help you change the look of a room from dull to brand new. Here's an interior-painting primer, starting with the pros and cons of oil-based and water-based, or latex, paints.

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Valspar Professional Interior Latex Paint provides a premium quality, high-hiding finish for interior walls, doors and trim. It sprays and rolls with low spatter, and provides excellent touch-up properties. Properly prepared interior wall, trim and ceiling surfaces including previously painted and primed drywall, plaster, acoustical tile, masonry, wood or metal.

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Oil-based paint once ruled the world of interior paint and coatings, particularly in high-impact areas such as trim workdoorsand cabinets. Yet no longer. When it dries, oil-based paint emits a host of VOCs volatile organic content that are harmful to the environment.

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Can you use one type of interior paint for every room of the house? If only conditions in the basement were the same as the bedroom, the kitchen the same as the bathroom, then we would have one universal paint for everywhere. Different areas of the house have different micro-climates, and thus need different types of paint. This is not just a fantasy created by paint companies to sell more paint.

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Should you use oil or latex paint for your painting project? Here are some of the pros and cons of each product. A disadvantage of latex is it swells the grain of wood, making sanding between coats a necessity.

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Gloss paints have a lower pigment content than flat paints and are less permeable than flats and more of a vapor barrier. The resin used also determines the vapor characteristics. Moisture vapor transmission is rated in "perms" and some typical perm ratings are listed below: A perm rating of less than 1. Never use a flat latex paint as a primer under eggshell paints.


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