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Once the puppies are born, even if everything has gone well, for approximately the next two months or so you are going to be fully occupied. After she has finished clean up the bitch as much as possible without upsetting her. Remove any of the very soiled newspaper, bedding etc.

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My dog just had puppies 3 weeks ago and she became sick after 2 weeks of having them. I'm afraid that their pee will get them sick or something? I'm new to this multiple pet thing.

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I know I'm likely to get flamed for the title, and content, of this article. But I just have to vent. Puppies suck.

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Powered by mwForum 2. Not logged in Champdogs Information Exchange. By mattie Date Sam they needed to be weaned off by now depending on what breed of course,the poor mum will be worn out and their teeth will be criippling her.

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Show less If a mother dog has died or rejected her puppies, a newborn litter of puppies may struggle to survive. To help save these vulnerable puppies, you will have to assume the role of the mother dog.

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Adrienne is a certified dog trainer, former veterinary assistant, and the author of "Brain Training for Dogs. For some odd reason, this week I was contacted by two different people having problems with their puppies. One of them purchased two sibling female Boxer puppies at six weeks of age, and the other purchased a seven-week-old German Shepherd puppy from a pet store.

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Taking care of new born puppies is time consuming, and it can be worrying, frustrating and tiring You need to keep them warm, set up a regular feeding schedule, help them to eliminate and keep both the pups and their environment clean. The good news is that if you do it all right, you can help these very vulnerable little creatures get a head-start on life

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Chilling in newborn puppies is a major factor that can be fatal. Puppies lose far more body heat than adult dogs. Various methods of providing heat, like incubators, heat lamps or hot water bottles can be used in place of a mother. Immediate action is necessary to provide the warmth the puppy needs to survive.

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I have one pup in the litter that continually finds a penis of his litter mates to suck on. I have removed him, put him on Mom and shortly after find him back at it. How do I deter this behavior?

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