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That spring, Mao first called for a " Cultural Revolution ," urging the working class to "struggle against and crush those persons in authority who are taking the capitalist road" and "criticize and repudiate Tens of millions of Red Guards took up his call. By the revolution's end inmillions of people—especially intellectuals and those with ties to the previous, Nationalist government or the West—had been denounced, tortured, or murdered.

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The movement had come to a close by the late s. By watching African Americans expose institutional racism and government hypocrisy, Asian Americans began to identify how they, too, had faced discrimination in the United States. Black activism played a fundamental role in the launch of the Asian American civil rights movement, but Asians and Asian Americans influenced black radicals as well.

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R ecently, I had an interesting conversation with my friend Jay Jayakrishna. As seen in the Oak Creek Sikh temple murders, one only has to be Muslim-looking in order to be treated as one. But Hindu and Christian, Buddhist, Jain, etc.

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In this interdisciplinary seminar, we will explore basic concepts and theories for analyzing historical and contemporary Black and Asian relations in the United States. We will survey the literature in political science, ethnic studies, sociology, and history to examine how race and racialization processes are articulated over time for both groups and entangled with other social structures including class, gender, and nation. Topics include but are not limited to ethnic and panethnic identities, transnationalism, Islamophobia, immigration, residential segregation, incarceration, displacement, and resistance.

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It is, in a word, fantastic. The breadth and depth of these conversations have revealed how complex Asian American racial identity is, and how few spaces we have to talk about it meaningfully. But, much of the online discussion concerning Asian privilege ignores a couple of really important things.

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Many of the fundamental ideas that drove the genesis of the Asian American Movement came from the Black Power Movement. Likewise, much of the legislation that has come to have the most profound effect on the history of Asians in America occurred during the Civil Movement, a time that is often associated with the struggle for black equality. But the struggle was not limited to that of African Americans.

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Kat Chow. I'm on the phone with an associate history professor at Indiana University, Bloomington, named Ellen Wu. We're talking about skin color, identity and how people like us — Americans of East Asian descent — can describe ourselves.

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Please contact the Press for further use requests. Asian Americans can no longer afford to watch the black-and-white struggle from the sidelines. They have their own cause to fight, since they are also victims—with less visible scars—of the white institutionalized racism.

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As a psycho-cultural perception of menace from the Eastern world, fear of the Yellow Peril was more racial than national, a fear derived, not from concern with a specific source of danger, from any one country or people, but from a vaguely ominous, existential fear of the faceless, nameless horde of yellow people opposite the Western world. The racist ideology of the Yellow Peril is a "core imagery of apes, lesser men, primitives, children, madmen, and beings who possessed special powers", which are cultural representations of colored people that originated in the Graeco—Persian Wars — BCbetween Ancient Greece and the Persian Empire ; centuries later, Western imperialist expansion included East Asians to the Yellow Peril. The sinologist Wing-Fai Leung explained the fantastic origins of the term and the derived racialist ideology: "The phrase yellow peril sometimes yellow terror or yellow spectre.

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While Americans of Asian descent had joined forces on the picket line and plantation field throughout history, their identities and struggles were mostly defined along distinct ethnic lines. But amidst the tumult of the civil rights movement, young people united their communities to forge a new identity based on their collective experiences as Asian Americans. When Janice Mirikitani was 5 years old, she cut off the blonde hair from her favorite doll and glued it to her own head, hoping it would magically transform her into a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, all-American girl.


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