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Urinary tract infections are common in guinea pigs. Their short legs put them low to the ground where they are more likely to pick up bacteria from wet bedding and droppings. Many guinea pigs require longer treatment to clear up the infection and allow the bladder walls time to heal.

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He watched him carefully, and noticed that Kirby was in pain when passed urine: he squealed shrilly. When Jay brought him in to see me, Kirby seemed bright and active, scurrying around normally. An examination of a guinea pig is similar to a dog or a cat: I checked his ears, eyes and mouth, listened to his chest with a stethoscope, and took his temperature.

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Darcy was having symptoms of not feeling well and with blood in his urine, so his mom brought him to see Dr. Meredith Kennedy for a thorough exam. During his exam, Dr.

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Monty is a three and a half year old Guinea Pig who came in to see us in April with blood in his urine. This is commonly caused by cystitis a bladder infection but can be caused by Uroliths Bladder Stones. Monty didn't respond to treatment with antibiotics so the decision was taken to have Monty in for xrays.

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Owners should be aware of the common illnesses guinea pigs are prone to, so they can recognise and deal with them early on. Every guinea pig is unique, so the five most common illnesses may manifest themselves in different ways. The important thing is to look out for anything unusual about your little friend, such as changes in feeding behaviour or pooping, hair loss, swellings and scratching.

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Bladder stones uroliths and sludge. Calcium from diet or sometimes leached from bones due to a deficiency can build up in the urinary tract, which will first cause a gritty sludge to form, and then hard stones. A guinea pig usually needs to have a genetic predisposition toward bladder stones.

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Guinea pigs are prone to several health problemsand getting bladder stones are one of them. Guinea pig bladder stones are a painful problem that can be life-threatening. Once you know your pig has bladder stones, they should not be ignored. Uroliths are also commonly referred to as bladder stones.

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