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The first know description of buried penis was by Keyes in However, a buried penis afflicts many adults leaving them with the inability to have sexual relations, practice personal hygiene, or stand to void since they are unable to direct their penis during micturition Cromie et al. Unlike the pediatric patient population, adults with buried penis have acquired this condition as a result of obesity, over exuberant circumcision, scarring due to lichen sclerosis et atrophicus previously as known as balanitis xerotica obliterans or lymphedema Alici et al.

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Buried Penis Syndrome is a condition that occurs when part of or most of the penis is hidden beneath the skin. The condition can either be congenital or acquired. Most times the penis is located beneath the abdomen, thigh or scrotum.

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The scrotum is the sac of skin that surrounds the testicles. Buried penis can also cause embarrassment and psychological harm. Buried penis is not common.

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A buried or hidden penis is not an issue most men feel comfortable seeking treatment for, but it is a relatively common problem. The condition occurs when the length of the penis is concealed from view inside the body. The opening for the penis still exists but the head is often flush with the opening. Basic functions like urination can also be impacted by this condition, with a higher risk for certain complications.

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It is also referred to as a hidden or concealed penis. A true buried penis is a rare congenital anomaly that has two components; an abnormally large suprapubic fat pad and dense tissue that tethers and retracts the penis inward. The fat pad extends from the suprapubic region onto the scrotum, perineum, and medial thigh, and combined with a lipoma of each spermatic cord, hides the penis from view.

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Surgery for buried penis and scrotal lymphedema is a complicated process. It is done after other less invasive treatments have been tried. These include weight loss in obese adult males or compression strategies for lymphedema.

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You wake up one morning and notice your penis looks a little shorter. In an extreme case, your member might look more like a clitoris than a penis, says Ming-Hsien Wang, M. Of course, change occurs on a continuum, notes Dr.

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Buried penis is a condition that causes the penis to become hidden beneath the skin. It has a significant impact on quality of life and can present in a variety of ways, with lower urinary tract symptoms and erectile dysfunction being common. Whilst there are several causes, obesity is the most common in adults.

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Information on the congenital condition called buried penis. The penis is wrapped in a sheath of skin. Usually, the skin is evenly distributed around the entire penis, down to the scrotum.

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A buried penis is when the shaft of the penis is partly or completely hidden by the bulk of the body. In other terms it looks as though the penis has retracted back into the pubic fat. It can effect infants congentially and adults - but in adults it is usually caused later in life and is down to another condition. Circumcision can also lead to the problem, particularly circumcision during which the shaft skin has been mistaken for the foreskin, effectively trimming the tissue too far down - meaning skin will push the penis back into the pubic pad.


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