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Unique for its role in human reproduction, a gamete is a specialized sex cell carrying 23 chromosomes—one half the number in body cells. At fertilization, the chromosomes in one male gamete, called a sperm or spermatozooncombine with the chromosomes in one female gamete, called an oocyte. The function of the male reproductive system Figure 1 is to produce sperm and transfer them to the female reproductive tract.

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Sign up. Illustrated anatomical parts with images from e-Anatomy and descriptions of anatomical structures. On its ventral aspect, it splits to envelop corpus spongiosum in a separate compartment from the tunica albuginea and corporal bodies.

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In this article, we will look at the functions and structure of the penis and how these give rise to certain clinical conditions. Note: In the anatomical position the penis is erect, so the dorsal side is that closest to the abdomen and the ventral side is closest to the testes. The root and body of the penis are spanned by three masses of erectile tissue.

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NCBI Bookshelf. Peter Sam ; Chad A. Authors Peter Sam 1 ; Chad A. LaGrange 2.

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The penis is the male copulatory organ. It is formed from three parts; two Corpora cavernosa, comprising of cavernous tissue and a connective tissue sheath the tunica albuginea, and the single Corpus Spongiosum which contains the urethra encased in a vascular tissue sleeve. There are two types of penis: the musculovascular and fibroelastic penis.

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The penis is composed of 3 spongy cylinders. The three cylinders consist of paired corpora cavernosa and a single corpus spongiosum. The crural roots of the corpora cavernosa attach at the under surface of the ischiopubic rami as two separate structures.

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The reproductive organs of the male members of the genus Cervus consist of the testicles, epididymides, ductuli deferentia, accessory glands, and the penis and the prepuce 1 — 3 Fig. The testicles are located in a dependent scrotum between the hind legs. Louis: Mosby,

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MBS Human Structure. The external genitals of males and females arise from homologous structures. The structures of the penis are relatively more expanded, but essentially homologous to the clitoris and its associated structures. In the female, the corpus spongiosum is represented by the bulbs of the vestibule on either side of the vagina.

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The male reproductive system consists of the penistestes, epididymisejaculatory ductsprostateand accessory glands. These organs function together to produce sperm and deliver semen from the testes via ejaculation. For more information on the embryological development of the male reproductive system, see development of the reproductive system.

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Authors: Larry B. Peer Reviewer: Steven M. In this article, the authors continue their review of common male genital emergencies.


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