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A guide to making gay friends and meeting other LGBTQ travelers - use these travel tips for the best gay travel experiences at home or abroad, online or offline! We all end up lumped together with an all-encompassing acronym despite a diversity of people and ideas. But it can still be a challenge to meet other LGBTQ travelers and make gay friends whether at home or when traveling.

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The rationale for the new rules Photo: Facebook. The community guidelines then go on to detail what kind of content users are no longer allowed to post. Further, these standards apply to all of the companies Facebook owns, including Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

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In the era of DeleteFacebook, the social network is proving to be a lifeline for HIV-positive people. He came out as a gay man just before his 50th birthday. He lived in the suburbs of Brisbane, on Australia's east coast, with his wife of 25 years and he had two adult kids.

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Matt who lives on the East Coast did need help coming out. But as far as he knew, there was only one other person in the world who knew that but him. As many LGBT individuals know, for a time, the most closely held secret we have is our sexuality.

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Most technology companies have vague mission statements that put a feel-good gloss on how they make money. At the same time, the company shared some statistics that suggest the social network has had a role in raising awareness about gay and lesbian rights. In the United States, 7 out of 10 Facebook users in the U.

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The discovery could mean that people who wish to keep their sexuality private may be sharing it with advertisers without their knowledge. Tyler Clementi, a university student killed himself after classmates allegedly used a hidden camera to film a sex session before airing it on the internet. The newly-discovered loophole means that people who want to keep their sexuality secret could be outed.

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When I was in college, I worked at record stores for minimum wage and free promo CDs. But the best part of working there were all the different kinds of people I got to work with and meet. On the contrary, we all got along fairly well like a functional family.

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Am I the only one creeped out that Facebook is now guessing, sometimes correctly, if its users are gay? In the world of Big Data, our private lives are increasingly becoming intermingled with the shadowy, yet public, world of cyberspace. Whenever we go online we are providing data that can be used to market to us; from Google searches to Facebook likes to eBay purchases, we are inputting data into a series of mathematical models which make incredibly educated guesses about the kinds of people we are.

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In the last two months, Facebook has blocked me from posting at least three times. At the end of April, I called my friend Gabriel a fag in the comments section of a link I had posted and he liked my comment. We do that sort of thing all the time, but within a few hours, Facebook blocked me from posting for seven days.

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Kenmore Ave. Michigan Ave. This selective disclosure is complicated on real name social media sites, which tend to encourage a unified presentation of self across social contexts. Further, are there identifiable differences in the online social network structure for LGBTQ youth who manage outness in different ways?


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