Losing ur virginity to a stranger

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B efore I reached the age of consent I was desperate to lose my virginity while it was still illegal. I thought it would be two fingers up to authority. But it didn't happen, despite the fact that my first kiss, aged 15, had almost gone a lot further.

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My mother never told me to carry condoms or offered to buy me any. I met him at a party, and he was obviously not a student. I had spent my sophomore year working very hard to get invited to things, to get dressed up for parties and to walk in heels to get to them.

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Salt-N-Pepa were obviously unashamed of this topic, but if you are anyone who knows me, I am super uncomfortable when it comes to sex. I always would listen to my friends gossiping about their hook-ups and the details would always make me feel flustered. I always kept to myself, but as usual, life changes, people change, and events happen in our lives that shape who we are.

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Tina Fey was in her mid-twenties when she first had sex and look at her now. She and Mindy Kaling, another former something virgin, are my comedienne inspirations, proof that maybe those who run a little behind romantically can still end up living perfectly happy, successful lives, and in the entertainment industry no less! I knew why I was still a virgin. Blame it on a history of low self-esteem, being annoyingly hyper-logical, a strong desire to keep my wits about me, and being overly aware of my surroundings.

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Share your story. Woman How old are you? Single Religious affiliation : Agnostic How religious are you?

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I never worried about still being a virgin until I graduated from college. Then, I became nervous that I was somehow "behind" everyone else, so I set out on a crusade to get rid of my v-card. I finally did do it at the ripe age of 23, but losing my virginity was nothing like I'd expected.

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Good for you! Your virginity belongs to you. It's yours to keep until you find someone you — and you alone — want to give it to.

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Regardless, your parents did not care for him. He probably introduced you to at least one significant cultural thing you now love, like Freaks and Geeks or an obscure '70s band. You mostly did it because your parents did not care for him, though.

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I vividly remember the first time a naked man cried on me. It was a Thursday night in college, and I had a study date with this dude I'd met in class, a tallish year-old who was funny in a quiet sort of way. Our study dates had been a regular ongoing thing, and as the quarter progressed, the amount of time we spent actually studying declined. Instead, we swapped stories and told jokes.


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